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September 22, 2021

Cascade Layers? | CSS-Tricks

There is a new thing coming in CSS: @layer. As with all new things, it takes time to really wrap your head around it. And despite me tapping at my keyboard about it, full disclosure, I’m not sure my mind is fully there yet. Fortunately, smart people are on the case!

Proposal for CSS @when | CSS-Tricks

CSS is on a tear lately. Again, I’ve heard of a brand new thing I’ve never seen before, and again it’s via Miriam: CSS Conditionals.

A short and sour guide to Reducers | by Daniel Merrill | Async | Medium

If you’ve dabbled in functional programming or a state management tool like Redux, you’ve probably encountered the concept of the reducer function. In fact, if you’re like me, you were clobbered by references to reducers to the point that the word began to lose all meaning.